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Lancôme, is it worth it?

Lancôme cosmetics. Most people who are not really familiar with this brand would only know Lancôme as a high-end cosmetic. Expensive. Maybe that is all that they know, without considering the actual ingredients which are actually good for skin. I knew this fact pretty much just last week.

So, on a fine evening when my mom, my aunt and I were strolling at Central Park Mall in Jakarta, a sales person of Lancôme approached us to give a perfume sample. I whispered to my mom to take it because I always love its La vie est belle perfume. I only had the sample size of it and have used all of them (yes, I got more than one sample bottles). My mom took the sample and we, somehow, ended up being offered with the promotions. I got so tempted with the freebies that they would give me if I purchase their perfume which was being on sale. I was weak so I bought their Trésor perfume. Apparently, the purchase came with a free facial and makeup class by Lancôme.

As the makeup artist put and showed her…

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